Eventlocation Wolkenburg Köln

Mystery Dinner – The Devil on the Racecourse

Beginnt am 04.02.2018 19:00
Ort: Wolkenburg
Episode VI of the Ashtonburry chronicle

Welcome to Ladies Day at Royal Ascot! Once again, many prominent guests in extravagant attire and fancy hats are expected at the legendary Racecourse near Windsor.

Whether you’re a member of the upper class, an Ashtonburry Family relative or blue blooded and part of the Royal Family, you are all invited to join us for an exquisite 4-course menu during this famous horserace!

Place a triple bet to increase your chances of winning or maybe you have a secret favourite for the title and want to bet on the winner of the race? However you decide, luck is sure to be on your side - but beware, as death lingers on the turf…

Ladies Day at Ascot sets the scene for Cora Tillings first encounter with her rich uncle, Lord Manor. The wealthy Lord is convinced that his personal favourite, a wild and seemly untameable wonder horse by the name of “Satan”, is a sure bet to win the Gold Cup this year. If we’re to believe the utterings of the bookmakers, this beast is possessed by the devil himself. Sure enough, Satan soon lives up to his name by throwing a jockey off during training and injuring him fatally. Was it really an accident one asks oneself?

But that's not all: After a murder occurs, Cora finds herself in grave danger and suddenly becomes the prime suspect in the investigation. In her plight she asks her mother's longtime fiancé Richard Bourke for help. Will the ex-Scotland Yard chief inspector be able to find the murderer before he finds Cora?

Surely a racehorse can’t be evil… Or is Satan, otherwise known as the “Devil on the Racecourse”, truly cursed?

Further information concerning the show can be found on our partner's website World of Dinner.

Wolkenburgs kitchen staff will also be accompanying the evening with culinary highlights. Our menu will be available soon.

If you're interested in participating in a wonderful evening of mystery and magic, then book your tickets here.