Eventlocation Wolkenburg Köln

Mystery Dinner – A Funeral Feast

Beginnt am 25.11.2018 17:00
Ort: Wolkenburg
An extraordinary evening á la Edgar Wallace

Illustrious guests come together for a special kind of gathering. The occasion is the reading of the will of the late and wealthy Lord Ashtonbury, whose death was sudden and unexpected.

So far, so good. But during the delicious 4-course menu it soon becomes evident, that everyone present had good cause to kill Lord Ashtonbury. By the end of this mystery dinner evening you might have become the main suspect or have proven yourself to be a master detective and been able to solve the murder.

More information about the show can be found on the website of our partner World of Dinner.

Wolkenburgs kitchen staff will also be accompanying the evening with the following culinary highlights:


Wild mushroom tortilla with Black Forest ham, marinated pumpkin and rocket pesto

Black salsify cream soup

Boiled beef (Tafelspitz) with shallot cream, glazed root vegetables and parsley potatoes

Saffron panna cotta

If you’re interested in an evening event full of mystery and fun, then book your tickets now with us.