Eventlocation Wolkenburg Köln

Mystery Dinner – The Black Moor Hunt

Beginnt am 14.10.2018 17:00
The fifth part of the ashtonburry chronicle

The legendary wild boar hunt over the moor is the highlight of the Scottish hunting season and will culminate in a magnificent game feast behind the walls of a mysterious castle. Only this year the guests won’t be receiving an invite to Darkwood Castle, the ancestral home of the Ashtonburys, but to an elegant hunting lodge nearby. However, none of the guests know who the new owner is, as the estate was unoccupied for many years since the tragic disappearance of its last owner...

A dark secret enshrouds this place like an enchanted cloak and the ghosts of the past seem to surround the Ashtonbury Estate like the swirling and mysterious fog of the black moor. Will Chief Inspector Bourke be able to solve the mystery before his fiancee Lady Ashtonbury, falls under the spell of its ancient curse? Why was the hunting horn chained to the wall? What’s more, who is the mysterious host?

Maybe You can solve the mystery and break the spell ....? One thing is for certain though, there is more to come!

"The Black Moor Hunt" will go on - You can bet your life on it...

You can find further information concerning the show at our partner's website World of Dinner.

Wolkenburgs kitchen staff will also be accompanying the evening with the following culinary highlights:


Wild mushroom tortilla with Black Forest ham, marinated pumpkin and rocket pesto

Black salsify cream soup

Boiled beef (Tafelspitz) with shallot cream, glazed root vegetables and parsley potatoes

Saffron panna cotta

If you’re interested in participating in a wonderful evening of mystery and magic, then book your tickets here.