Eventlocation Wolkenburg Köln

Mystery Dinner – Wedding in Black

Beginnt am 04.11.2018 17:00
Welcome to the wedding of the doughter of the deceased Lord Ashtonbury

The celebration of Cora Tillings long-awaited wedding so shortly after her father Lord Ashtonburys death, takes place much too soon for some of her relatives taste. They do everything they can to destroy the young couple's happiness, and the celebrations soon become clouded with dark and sinister suspicions.

How has the bridegroom managed to acquire such wealth after squandering his fortune away? What dark secret is the penniless bride trying to conceal? And why has the reliable village priest still not arrived for the ceremony?

Those of you who were legacy hunters in “A Funeral Feast” are going to love meeting up again with the Ashtonbury family in "Wedding in Black". And no need to worry, nothing bad has ever befallen anyone at a wedding. Or has there?

Further information concerning the show can be found on our partner's website World of Dinner.

Wolkenburgs kitchen staff will also be accompanying the evening with the following culinary highlights:


Wild mushroom tortilla with Black Forest ham, marinated pumpkin and rocket pesto

Black salsify cream soup

Boiled beef (Tafelspitz) with shallot cream, glazed root vegetables and parsley potatoes

Saffron panna cotta

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